There are a wide variety of commercial property loans available and most work in much the same way as a residential home loan. As an investor you can choose from a variable rate, fixed rate, combination between variable and fixed rate, principal and interest or interest-only loan, often with useful features available like fee-free additional repayments or an offset facility.

Alternatively, you may prefer a line of credit commercial mortgage. This gives you funding up to a predetermined limit and you only pay interest on the funds drawn down. Your Easy Finance broker can explain how each of these loan options works.

You usually need a larger deposit (at least 30% of the purchase price) to secure approval for a commercial mortgage. If you are a home owner, offering your home as collateral (security) for the loan can be a way of securing a lower rate loan.

Your Easy Finance Broker can help you select a commercial property loan suited to your needs and budget, giving you a clear idea of how much you can afford to borrow.