Finance Your Business Vehicle with Low Interest Car Loans in Brisbane

So, your business needs a vehicle; what do you do next? Whether you need to make deliveries, respond to callouts, or simply get your service people from point A to point B, having a company car or ute to do it can be extremely helpful. Especially in their early days, many businesses try to get by using personal vehicles for these purposes. However, this decision is a risky proposition, given some of the liability and insurance complications that come into play when you try to use a personal vehicle for business purposes. Avoiding these risks, getting the tax advantages of having a company owned vehicle and simply having a vehicle that is available for business use at all times are three major benefits that often push businesses into buying company owned cars.

The big question here, of course, is what to do about financing. At Easy Finance, we are more than happy to handle business car loans in Brisbane. If you are on the cusp of purchasing a vehicle for your business, just get in touch, and we can start looking at your situation.

The Other Benefit of Buying a Car for Business: 100% Financing

As discussed above, there are quite a few perks to putting a car’s title in the name of your business. One of the benefits we didn’t mention, though, will likely come into play when you contact Easy Finance for car finance in Brisbane. Specifically, that benefit is that fact that businesses are often able to get 100% financing on business car loans.

You might be able to find low interest car finance in Brisbane if you are shopping for a personal auto loan, but you are unlikely to get 100% financing. You will have to put at least some money down.

With a business car loan, things are a little different. A company that has been in operation for a year or more and that can show steady revenues will often get the option of 100% financing. Even for businesses that have the cash to spend, this option is worth considering. It is vital for businesses to always have some money on hand as working capital. Not having to make a down payment on a business vehicle allows you to get the vehicle and start using it while also making your working capital work for you in other places.

Start Exploring Business Car Finance in Brisbane

Whether you are looking for a loan with 100% financing or just want a low interest car loan in Brisbane, we can help. We will work with you to understand your company’s finances, cash flow state and loan priorities. From there, we can tap our extensive network of lenders to find you the best possible terms for your situation.

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